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Summer’s Over

It has been around a month or so since I started school. Obviously, with the program that I chose to go to, my schoolwork is already overloaded with new knowledge that’s supposed to be understood and memorized in a ridiculously short amount of time. University applications and so forth are beginning to roll in, as well as the thought of what the future might have in store for me. It’s interesting how same dates and days passes like nothing’s wrong when your own life’s starting it’s own thunder and storms in your head.

Before starting school, I went to the local Farmer’s Market, which sold delicious and fresh veggies. It’s a shame that there aren’t more people that are supporting local farmers when it’s both cheap and fresh goods that you’re able to get!



Chillies for BBQ serves the best kind of spicy!



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Northern Sirius

“Northern”, because where I currently live is located quite on the ouskirts of what would be identified as northern Europe.

“Sirius”, because the brightest star is what I strive to become. And what everyone else already have in them – the potential to become happy with who they are, and even becoming someone important to the people and things that means a lot to each individual.

For me, this blog is a start of what might become, and what has already been. It is a potential diary that dates back to what I’ve done during the last few hours before typing up a greeting to the blog’s readers, but also a guide full of tips and recommended items/events for those who are interested in whatever might go along with what I might be experiencing at that specific moment of my life.

And being fortunate enough to become an author of a blog, this website is everything that I allow it to become, and whatever I might want to mold it into, it can be. Therefore, without making it more cheesy than this whole post has already become, I’d like to make this blog an inspiration for a continuous striving for greatness and success.

And with that, I shall share a piece by great Schubert played by Horowitz to celebrate this blog’s very first post.