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The Darkest Place in Our Minds

rexThis post will not be as deep as the title suggests, I promise.

It’s been a hectic month. A month full of finales, both in forms of exams and small events that are Facebook-post worthy. You know, like getting your licence, graduating high school, buying a new laptop… everything seems to have it’s start and end at this month of this year. Oh, and also the whole situation with the UK leaving EU, and Scotland wanting to become an official independent state.

This year sure has had a lot going on!

It bothers me that all I can do (and have left to do) is to wait. Obviously, this won’t be a task that I’ll succeed with completely, as my mind always wanders to the darkest places of scenarios when it comes to life’s unexpected outcomes. Although I hate to admit it, my gut-feeling is usually right about those kind of things.

But I guess that’s just life. One can become so incredibly hopeful about something that’s happening in their lives at a specific moment that lasts only a few minutes – and immediately have them broken like a balloon being inflated. It’s truly fascinating how the mind – and time – works.

It’s also very weird to be so free from the school work that once carried so much weight in my life. Although this is only temporary freedom, it’s just nice to be able to take a breather from what seemed to carry so much meaning for how my life will turn out in the future.

People like to say that grades don’t define a person – but truth to be told, it does. As my parents usually say, only the best of the best outcomes will make one significant.

It’s quite a harsh quote, yes, but only the truth.

And with that, I shall leave you all with some pretty pictures of a newfound hobby of mine (since, you know, schoolwork’s over and all).


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There’s only so much I have for patience

It’s been a while. Last time I wrote something on this blog, I was worried and anxious. To be quite honest, I don’t think there will ever be a moment in my life where I will not feel those feelings. But on a better note, things that I’ve been worrying about around three months ago has come to an end – it’s just new things that keeps popping up out of nowhere like a hurricane on a Sunday afternoon.  But hey – this too shall pass, right?

I’ve been an emotional wreck ever since May now. Everything from meeting my parents’ secret expectations (I say secret, because I found out that they were secretly wanting me to accomplish something that I never took quite seriously – becoming a doctor), to graduating.

Oh, graduating.

The school I’ve been to has been a place of true ups and downs in my life. Looking back at it, there hasn’t been one single moment where I haven’t learnt something new – both emotionally, and academically.

One thing that has changed about it me quite drastically is my temper. I’ve always been bad at keeping my patience, and quite straightforward if there was anything I wasn’t happy with. And as I would love to say that my temper has becoming more settled down and patient, it has not. As of this particular moment, I can straight up confess that I don’t give much time or patience to things and people I don’t care about.

This, of course, is both a good and a bad thing. But my gut is telling me that it’s good, at least for someone like me who’s a quiet and observant introvert.

Hopefully it’ll come to use someday.