Posted in July

A Time and Place for Love and Change

It is mid-July, and lots of things has happened. I appreciate how this blog has become a journal to me, almost like a place where I can update myself on how I feel, both physically and emotionally.

I’ve still got around half a month to go on choosing my university major. There are some things to adress regarding the facts around me being a first-generation child in a foreign country, and being one of the first grandchildren of my grandparents (both sides) to be entering university. But since all of those things are a lot to discuss, I have decided to put those things in another post, and write an update post about what’s going on in my life instead.

So, what has happened after my high school graduation? Quite some things. I visited South Korea, downloaded some apps and have even talked to a lot strangers without any particular reason at all (in a non-creepy way – hopefully) – I even got asked out by a music major who’s quite the studd. I would meet him, if only I wasn’t so incredibly sheltered by my parents. I don’t blame them, though. I’m their first daughter whom was raised in a first-generation Asian household. Being sheltered isn’t very strange at all. Although there’s a part of me that wishes to pursue whatever possibilites there are after have met this person, I understand my own situation and has therefore decided for myself to not make a choice that I will definitely regret. Things like experiencing exciting emotions can come a bit later. You see, the things that are mentioned previously all very foreign things to me, since I’m an incredibly socially awkward introvert – or so I’ve always felt. It’s interesting to see new sides of me, and it makes me excited for what else I’ve got to experience. Although it’s cheesy, simple emotions like cherisihing someone and being cherished back, following by being respected or having your parents being proud of you as a daughter are all very beautiful emotions that we as humans don’t get to feel often enough.

Or perhaps it’s only me.

Either way, new experiences has made me excited for the future. It is alll very cheesy, but only the truth.

The only thing that’s left is to pull myself together and solve the unsolved riddles of life that I have left to solve.