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Dear School System

Let’s talk about mental health. In the small bubble that I call life, mental health just isn’t talked about enough. It might seem overdramatic for a teenage girl to be venting her angers and anxiety on the internet – normal, almost. But truth is, such venting isn’t simply “normal” behavior. I have, after hard times, learnt at eighteen years old that feelings of guilt and depression aren’t simply emotions that one can shrug off. Never is it “ok” for a person to feel extreme fear or depression simply because of ths person’s age or gender.

A student, whom has to wake up early in the morning in order to go through at least six hours of lecture five days in a week, topping that with examinations every three weeks on twelve different subjects, simply isn’t the way to go.

When do we truly get the free time to be ourselves? When can we truly do things that we find fun, or experience things that we like? I often hide in my bedroom directly after school, only to get out of it when it’s dinner time. I do this not because I like to, but simply because I don’t have the privilege to go with the flow when it comes to my academic achievements.

Teenagers aren’t simply riding on emotional rollercoasters because it’s fun. It’s because – well, of life, really.


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