Posted in March

An Alternate Universe

In the long run, an alternate universe would be the solution to solving all of our problems. Whether it’s about complicated relationships, or life goals that never seems to be achieved, humans always wish for a loophole in which everyone and everything will seem and be easier than the world we’re currently living in.

Personally, I am also guilty of such thoughts. How wonderful would it be to teleport yourself  to a world with no problems? Or, at least, has things and situations that you’d wish for yourself in the real world?

Want the job? You’d get it in the alternate world.

Want the grades? You’d get hem in the alternate world.

But ultimately speaking, loopholes are for the lost ones. For the ones who feels that everything is lost, much alike the confusion one feels when they don’t know which way to turn while driving.

I like to remind myself where I am, and who I am at times in order to keep my feelings in check. Stress, breakdowns, depression… such things are only temporary. And yet it’s so hard to do the right thing at the right time. It’s obvious what the right thing is, right? Getting bad grades or getting yelled at isn’t the end of the world. Yet our brains  decides to extract chemicals that through chemical reactions become hormones that either makes our faces really spotty or childish by acting selfish – as if we’re the only ones who are having a rough time in this world filled with people who are still living in poverty or sadness.

Even this blog post is quite selfish of me. I, who have the privilege to have access to the internet and a roof over my head, as a getaway where I can vent my feelings in one way or another. But what about people who can’t? Those who have their logic and morals overtaken by the temporary feelings that they feel are monsters in our current society. Yet we will never understand – what is it like? Is it really because we’re so disconnected with such people that makes them people of “another kind”?

We’re all human beings whom with the evolution of this planet became thinking individuals with minds more complex than anything in this world – or are we?

I realize that the moral of this rant does not exist since I’m continuously diving into new problems at every new sentence. But one thing’s for sure – this, too, shall pass. Whatever it is, whomever is causing this – it will go away.

Song of the Day – Comfortzone by Basecamp




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